I consider myself as an experience learner. Mere theory does not make sense to me. I can read tutorials all day, but I will only learn when I start doing. While doing I gain new experiences and can relate these to past experiences. I think that learning is a skill, which can be learned. It […..

We naturally start to feel uncomfortable when the future becomes less certain. As a result we look for structure in the form of expectations and predictions. However these expectations never represent the truth, leaving us confused. Here are 5 reasons why every designer should embrace uncertainty...

Lately we faced a challenge. We needed to create future personas, based on children currently aged 10. We researched megatrends but soon we realized that we were lacking essential knowledge. Knowledge we could only get when speaking with actual kids. In order to create future personas, we needed to ..

Going through the creative process is an exciting adventure. I like to think of myself as a treasure hunter on a quest. I start my journey by entering unfamiliar terrain. It can be scary sometimes but it always brings me to unexpected places. Carefully I start scanning my surroundings. Opportunities..

Especially during student design projects, the documentation of the design process is often postponed to the very end of the project. All the design work has been done and the document becomes just a summing up of the activities performed. Because the first moment of reflection happens after the pro..

2 November 2014 Articles :.

First blogpost!

I am about to start a two-year Master’s programme in Interaction Design at Umeå, Institute of Design. I will move to Sweden, a country I have never been to. I will meet new people and hopefully built great things. I can hardly picture myself in two years from now, but I know it is going […..


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