Today is my last day. My last day as an Interaction Design intern at IDEO, San Francisco. It’s been great. No school course could have taught me what I learned interning at IDEO for half a year. It’s been pretty magical to work at the place that has had such an impact on my job […]..

Sometimes it’s liberating to dive headfirst into a new creative discipline. That feeling of not knowing anything. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. I just love the process of making things, reflecting and coming up with my own theories. It’s how I learn. Today is about me learning how ..

Today is my last day interning at Google. For the last 4 months I’ve been part of the Google Chrome design team, pursuing an UX Design internship in Munich, Germany. My internship has been really amazing. It’s been so amazing that I felt the need to write this article. This is a story about crea..

As an Interaction Designer I am always trying to understand people, however this not my final goal. Part of a student project for Skype I got familiar with the basics of ethnographic research in just ten days. These are 7 things I learned in 10 days of ethnographic research. 1. The ordinary person d..

Last week we were fortunate to welcome famous Dutch Graphic Designer Jan van Toorn accompanied by Els Kuijpers, curator and art historian, in Umeå. Together they organized a one week workshop called “staging the message”. The assignment was to create a visual essay in print on the subject of Tr..

You know it’s been a good year when you have no trouble recalling what happened. This year has not been just ‘good’, it has been amazing. I started studying at the world’s best design school and moved to Sweden, a country I had never been to. I did not just visit my first design conference, ..


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