When most people hear the word “wisdom” they think of something for sages, gurus and scholars. They think of white-bearded wizards like Harry Potter’s mentor, Dumbledore. Aristotle’s teacher, Plato, shared this view that wisdom was theoretical and abstract, and the gift of only a few. Aristo..

24 March 2017 Master's Thesis :.

Thesis Abstract

The world is drowning in information, but starving for wisdom. As interaction designers, we cannot continue to simply design for efficiency or practicality, while ignoring this important and deeply human topic. We need to design for wisdom. But how do we tackle such a complex topic? Through a design..

This week I’ve been trying to pivot my project from research more towards design. I’ve narrowed my scope and reframed my research into “How might we..” questions that I will be focusing on. Then I defined some strategies on how to answer these questions which might inform some design concept..

We invest our entire lives in learning new things, gaining experiences and creating stories. For every time we fail, we learn something new. For every challenge we overcome, we get a little wiser. Even though sometimes it feels like we are the first and only ones facing these challenges, there has a..


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