I think that to designers your portfolio can greatly impact your career, but building one is quite challenging. I’ve personally struggled for years from which I learned a lot. To share my learnings I decided to write about this topic for the last 36 weeks. This unofficial guide summarizes 36 artic..

As you might know, I am sort of a portfolio junky. As soon as I launch my new portfolio, I’m already thinking about the next one. Last year I decided to start sharing things that I had figured out during my countless hours of portfolio building. The more I shared, the more I realized that [&hellip..

Chances are high that you have come across the term case studies in combination with design portfolio tips. Case studies are presumably the best way to present your projects. Why are case studies so powerful?..

Did you design your portfolio for nobody in particular, hoping to attract everybody? Did you design your portfolio for yourself? Did you optimize it to your favorite browser? Did you make sure it looks great on your screen? Tested loading times on your strong internet connection? Selected your favor..

The chance is high that your first portfolio consists of merely school projects. Presenting them is an effective way can be challenging. Sometimes you may get a lot of freedom to guide your process and product but sometimes your school gives you many constraints. I hope that these tips are valuable ..

What if you haven’t added new projects to your portfolio in a while? Maybe because you are doing an internship that is under an NDA agreement. Maybe you are working on a long project that hasn’t finished yet. Maybe because you just got your new job and you think that your portfolio is not that [..


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