Today I am writing you with a smile on my face. Why? Well, the last 25 weeks I published 25 articles. So I thought it could be fun to write about this journey. I know that you could be doing a million other things right now, so the fact that you are reading this means […]..

I got an Amazon Echo the other day. Yes, it’s great, but that isn’t the point of this post. I’m the type of person who enjoys unpacking and setting up new products. Because I didn’t want to rush unboxing my Echo I actually waited a couple of days for the right moment to set it […]..

How did you decide which projects to show on your portfolio? Did you just show all of your projects? Did you show your most recent ones? Your favorite ones perhaps? Regardless of your outcome, there is one thing I think you should avoid.Don’t start your selection process by looking at your project..

Design interviews are great. They really are. Interviews aren’t just about landing an internship or job. Interviews are great because they teach you. They teach you to talk about yourself. They teach you who you are. What you want. What companies want. They even teach you Whether your portfolio is..

Feedback is the key to growth. Your attitude towards feedback is what determines your growth. So if you want to develop yourself, you should always be seeking for feedback. Regardless of your experience. Feedback on your portfolio often comes in the form of an portfolio review. The one factor to an ..

Your Content Management System (CMS) is not just the backbone of your portfolio, it is the beating heart. It keeps your portfolio alive. And keeping your portfolio alive is crucial. You don’t just want to get visitors, you want to get returning visitors. Visitors will only return if they expect ne..


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