You want your portfolio to reflect the best possible version of yourself. You want to feel proud when you share it. The best version of yourself is the version you are today. You have never been any better. So why do you only show your past work on your portfolio? Why do you put so […]..

You know that your portfolio’s project selection is crucial. It is the foundation of how your visitors perceive you. This may paralyze you. You are browsing through all of your work and you cannot decide. How to decide which projects to show on your portfolio? Here is one thing to avoid when selec..

Doing something you dislike is hard. Even if you know it is important. I don’t have to convince you about the importance of your online portfolio. You know that it can have a huge impact on your career. More impact than it has today. We live in an era where communicating skills is just as [&hellip..

You have just finished your best work and you are dying to show it to the public. Adding it to your portfolio will give your career a boost. Unfortunately, you can’t. The project is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This prevents you from showing crucial parts of your project. Exactly..

What is the most impactful project on your portfolio? Is it your best project? Is it the one that attracts most visitors? The one that made you win an award? Probably the project that got you a job?I would argue it is none of the above...

“What should I include in my portfolio?” It is one of the first questions you ask yourself when you get started. There are two ways I could answer this. Either I could give you a list of things to include in your portfolio, without reasoning. There are plenty of websites which can give you this...


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