During this week of Experience prototyping about micro-interactions I decided to design an unlock screen for the Apple Watch. Looking at the current design, I found that having 10 buttons on such a small screen is not great. That’s why I tried to think of an an interaction that is quicker to compl..

A simple interaction can be quite powerful in how it makes you feel connected to the object. During this week of Experience prototyping I wondered: What if you could blow out an LED? I started using a microphone to sense a user blowing. To add a bit of magic I wanted to be able to turn […]..

The projects are over, the parties are done and I am back in the Netherlands. After this year I can confidentially say that the best decision I have ever made was to start studying at Umeå, Institute of Design (UID) in Sweden. UID is a very special place. Not just because of the awesome projects [&..

Nothing is more exciting than to dive into a totally unfamiliar design area. This time I was entering the world of sound design. The sound design course lasted three weeks and was done in collaboration with the students from Advanced Product Design. The first week focused on audio sketching in order..

29 January 2015 Projects :.

Design for All Workshops

“Design for All” was the topic of two intense days a lectures, interviews and brainstorms. Here is what I did and what I learned. Kickoff Lecture The week started with a Kickoff lecture by Semra Sahin, owner of Candan Design, a consultant company focusing on Design for All. During the lecture sh..

The week before Christmas week we decided to shoot the final concept video using a miniature environment. When I came back from the Christmas break, the box with material was waiting on my desk already! Setting up the environment and shooting the video was a lot of fun. Below is the resulting video ..


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