Just one more week before and one more week after the Christmas break. The deadline is approaching! However, after last week’s positive response on our presentation, we gained even more energy to push ourselves. A week of connecting dots, planning a video and building the final prototype...

Presentation time! After weeks of hard work the moment came that we had to present the first version of our final concept. We managed to not only present our concept but also give a live demonstration of a user scenario. Happy with the results, proud of my (dream)team! Below is an impression video o..

For the last weeks I have been working with my awesome teammates Anton and Aylin (a.k.a Dreamteam) on the Forestry 2020 project. The goal of the project is to design a highly automated, costly effective interface for the professional context. More specifically, the end users of our interface will be..

30 November 2014 Projects :.

First Design Project!

After warming up last weeks, it was finally time to start a project with an entire design cycle. The goal of this project was to design an interactive music installation for the Guitars: the Museum in Umeå. The process started by visiting the museum. As a music newbie, I was amazed by the beauty of..

Some good news this week! First of all, the awesome team of Kingsloths in Space I am part of made it as Finalists for the 24 Hour Ozchi Challenge! This means one of us will fly to Sydney to represent our team to convince the judges. Besides that, my speculative design concept the Healing Game [&hell..


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