Normally everything I post is design-related but this time I felt like sharing something a bit different. I just returned from an amazing four day trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The views were fantastic, the weather was great and the food was tasty. Driving more than 2000 kilometres in four ..

In September 2014, my team consisting of five UID Interaction Design students took part in the OzCHI24 hour student challenge. OzCHI24 is an annual international student design competition run as part of the OzCHI conference. OzCHI is the annual conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special ..

23 November 2014 Travels :.

Warming up despite the cold

Even tough winter was coming to Umeå, I have been warming up for the real design work. After two weeks of workshops and lectures about topics such as “Sketching in Interaction Design”, “Framing” and “Mental Models”, it was finally time start a ten week project. I..

My journey started at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, at which a guy from custody recognizes me as a designer after totally unpacking my (probably stereotypical) designer’s bag. The rather short flights felt even shorter because I had a great time teaching a small Dutch girl how to play Plants vs. Zom..


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