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Why you should build your first Design Portfolio in Medium

Many people get caught up in browsing other people’s beautiful portfolios. They are too worried about the looks. That’s why I wrote about taking a Content First Approach to your design portfolio.

Especially if you are just starting on your first design portfolio, it’s visual design should be the last thing to worry about.

The visual design of your portfolio is just the wrapping paper. The package that is being wrapped is what ultimately matters.

Last time, I proposed turning off your Wifi and start writing in a typewriter. Today I want to give you an alternative. An alternative that bridges the gap between your typewriter a heavy content management system.

An alternative that does not require any setup. An alternative that stimulates a content first approach to your design portfolio.

That alternative is called Medium. Why not just build your first design portfolio in Medium?

Using Medium, it is extremely quick to start working on your first portfolio. You don’t need to decide which Content Management System to use. You don’t even have to browse through hundreds of themes. Simply create a Medium account and start writing. You are forced to focus on what matters, when it matters. It does not feel like you are committing to a platform and you cannot go back.

Medium is also super easy to setup compared to the average Content Management System. You don’t need to know anything about databases and FTP clients.

Medium’s text editor might feel limited in functionality. This is actually a blessing. You will stop worrying about the visual design. You won’t get carried away pushing pixels, simply because you cannot. You won’t be overwhelmed by the number of themes because there aren’t any. Instead, you will focus on what Medium does let you do, which is writing.

Medium is designed by a team of great designers. Designers with more experience than you. Designers who know more about typography than you do. That’s why Medium looks great. It always does. Especially if you are just starting as a designer, it’s a safe way to end up with a portfolio that looks great.

When using different computers, keeping your files in one place can be hard. Using Medium you will always be able to access your files online. Your drafts are being saved and presented to you in the form of a simple list. You can even write using your iPhone and iPad. This is great when you want to work on your portfolio on the go.

I haven’t even mentioned the community aspect of Medium. Right after I published one of my projects on Medium I received feedback from other designers. They suggested what technology I could have used to solve my design problem. Thanks to Medium those people found me and actually were able to comment on my post. To me, finding and engaging with other designers is the main goal of my portfolio. Medium does a great job in stimulating that. From the moment you publish your portfolio on Medium, it is part of a community.

Next Week
You might be wondering how using Medium as your design portfolio works in practice. Next week I will go into greater detail on how to setup your design portfolio using Medium.

I will give tips on how to crosslink the pages and how to use Medium’s “Publications” in a clever way.

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