.: 20 December 2014 :.

Forestry 2020 : Midterm Presentation

Presentation time! After weeks of hard work the moment came that we had to present the first version of our final concept. We managed to not only present our concept but also give a live demonstration of a user scenario. Happy with the results, proud of my (dream)team!

Below is an impression video of the last week.

The Concept

Drivers love nature and heavy machines. During our research we noticed that these interests are hardly satisfied. Because of expected developments in relation to automation and comfort, this will become even worse.

Therefore our concept aims to restrengthen the connection of the driver with the machine and with nature. A secondary goal is to get the driver into a state of “flow” which leads to more efficient and continuous crane movements. We achieve this by introducing two machine states: the manual state and the nature state.

The machine starts in the manual state in which the driver has full control. This stage is all about power, resistance, strength, etc. The machine really feels heavy. The better the driver performs and the longer he performs repetitive tasks, the quicker the transition to the nature state initiates. During this transition, the sound of the engine turns off, the light in his cabin decreases, the chair becomes more comfortable and the steering wheel starts to vibrate. The driver starts to reconnect with nature. Meanwhile, the level of automation and assistance increases, decreasing cognitive load.


What we presented

When developing the final concept we built a small cabin to explore different ways of expressing the two states. We decided to use the cabin to also give a live demonstration during the presentation. We showed how the light in the cabin went down, how the engine sounds got replaced by nature sounds and how the chair and controller vibrated. Besides that we showed how the transition of manual to automated could impact the movements of the crane.


Next week it’s Christmas! Happy Christmas to my readers!
I am flying back to the Netherlands.. excited 🙂

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